About Us

Harlandale Clinic

Harlandale Clinic

Our clinic is hosted in the iconic Harlandale Building, a 100 year-old living structure at the Haralndale District of San Antonio. We are proud to name our clinic after that building.

The corner space of the building was developed into a medical office of 5 exam rooms and a lab space, and equiped to modern standands. 

The clinic is located at the corner of S. Flores and E. Southcross, and is seviced by a parking lot that accomodate 38 vehicle when entering at E. Southcross.

The Team

Yessenia Suarez, MA

Senia is the dynamo of the clinic. Multitalented, attentive, and efficient. 

Our providers are lucky to have her, and our patients are pleased to interact with her. She also is a local resident in the Harlandale area, and has been helping patients for the last 20 years. She has an experience that is unparalleled.

Areas of Expertise

Family Medicine

Both Dr. Dandan and Mr. Hettler are experts in treating chronic and acute diseases presented in the wide spectrum of family medicine. They are both board certified and have been treating the ill for many years in South San Antonio.

Hormonal Therapy

The changes in life for women and for some men could be tackled well with the help our providers. Dr. Dandan is board certified in OBGN and Family Medicine.


Dr. Dandan in trained and certified for Botox and dermal fillers injections. These non invasive aesthetic treatments are gaining speed lately due to their safety profile and minimal down time for the patient. Dr. Dandan is one of few doctors in South San Antonio who offer those services. 

Telehealth Services

Our providers can easily go on HIPPA compliant lines to start and complete your visit and send your meds and a treatment plan to get you on the path to healing.